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PlayStation 4 Kamera


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See, hear, cheer and share. Communicate with your friends and let rivals know you're right on their tail. Whatever you want to do while you play, PlayStation Camera lets you do it in crystal clear video with high quality sound. And with facial recognition and voice input, PS4 really is at your command. PlayStation Camera tracks your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller's light bar. Even the subtlest movements can be turned into precise controls. Four built-in microphones can hear you wherever you are in the room. And whoever you're with, PlayStation Camera will recognise your voice commands. Chat to a friend while playing a game and your face will appear in a window on their screen, and vice versa. Keep an eye on your progress and the competition. Meet the AR Bots that live inside DUALSHOCK 4. Summon Asobi, the flying robot who likes to play in your living room. Or play Air Hockey. Enter THE PLAYROOM, pre-installed on your PlayStation 4, to see how DUALSHOCK 4 and PlayStation Camera work together in perfect harmony.